Sara Deen

Sara Deen

South Bay Mom | PVPUSD School Board Member | Community Steward

  • Every one of us, PVPUSD families and Palos Verdes residents, should be able to access, understand and question the district budget as we all share in the responsibility of ensuring our students have the resources and safe facilities to learn and pursue their dreams.

  • We must destigmatize and demystify seeking special education and/or learning support services because MOST kids learn in their own unique way.

  • There is no more powerful partnership than collaboration between teachers and parents to support student success and well-being.

  • To maximize student achievement, we must remember that learning involves the heart in addition to the mind. Addressing student mental health reduces the chances of school-based violence, suicides, addictions and self harm behaviors—while ensuring that every student can pursue their dreams.

  • As parents and residents.It is our shared responsibility to ensure that every child has every opportunity to learn and grow, no matter where they start.

My priority is to put students and families first. I aim to improve the quality of education for students across the spectrum of learning and mental health needs. Being a long-time resident of Palos Verdes, I am deeply aware of the challenges our schools, students, and families are facing coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. As your board of education member, I focus on tackling these challenges head-on.

My commitment to you: I will work hard for you and your families, listening to your needs, and amplifying your voice at the district. Together, I believe we can deliver a school community where:


Being a Student and Family Advocate at the District
Maximize Student Learning
Investment in Student Mental Health Services
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